Portrait of Dr. Nizzi, by Eli Burakian


As CEO of Precision Psychologie PLLC, I have the pleasure of welcoming you.

Precision medicine is the future of care: one where your provider takes the time to listen and truly understand the different facets of your experience, to propose a personalized solution.

At Precision Psychologie, we embrace uniqueness through specialty care. We tailor the best of scientific research to your individual circumstances, to make sure that our answer is the best one for YOU.

We specialize in helping individuals, couples, and families directly through therapy, neuropsychological testing, and forensic evaluations. We also provide consulting for professionals. *All our services are available in English and in French.

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Dr. Nizzi is the President of Harvard Alumni for Mental Health and the founder of the Professional Alliance, a network of culturally competent clinicians providing mental health services to clients all around the world.

An international specialist, Dr. Nizzi completed two PhDs: one from Harvard University and one from Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne. She is a certified forensic evaluator with Physicians for Human Rights. Dr. Nizzi now trains future clinicians at top medical schools such as Harvard University, Dartmouth College, and UCLA.

Dr. Nizzi provides cutting-edge culturally and trauma-informed care with a specialty in supporting high achievers. A VA-trained and CPT Certified provider, she was named "2018 Harvard Horizons Scholar" for her work with U.S. Veterans and recipients of a face-transplant. Her research is regularly featured in the media.

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